A quick history on how the 4:05 came to be.


Bill McGeever and a group of his friends have maintained a long-standing tradition of meeting at the end of the week for a cocktail at a local restaurant and lounge. This particular restaurant opened its doors at 5:00pm, so initially all agreed to meet at 5:04 (not wanting to appear like they were loitering at the door). Using the term 5:04 became so well known that it was all that had to be said by call, e-mail or text message. The 5:04 “clan” came to include friends, spouses, sons, daughters and most anyone else who was willing to put with the core group’s own unique brand of humor. Appetizers are free, talk is cheap (really cheap) and everyone gets to spend some time together in an otherwise too busy world.


Sander, Heritage House’s Facility Manager, joined in with Bill on occasion and began to appreciate the atmosphere. After pondering on it for while, Sander suggested a cocktail hour at Heritage House, modeled on a similar concept. It was decided that Friday at 4:05 pm would be a great way to roll in the dinner hour. Now all our families and friends know where to go when they hear, “See you at the 4:05”. In the spring and summer you will find us on our central patio. Fall and winter we move in to enjoy the fireplace.


The 4:05 has evolved organically and is now our most popular weekly event. In sharing our stories, we remember our parents attending their own cocktail hours, dressed in swanky gear, sharing stories and tall tales with their friends. We enjoy continuing the tradition (although the dress is decidedly less swanky and more Santa Barbara). The 4:05 has become a place and setting of comfort to everyone here. Family and friends are not only welcome, but encouraged.


We serve complimentary cocktails, “virgin” cocktails, and appetizers. Generally we work on a theme or special request, so there is always a signature cocktail of the week that spurs memories, and generally more stories (and a few chuckles). When paired with Bill’s Grill immediately following (once a month at a minimum), family members can stop by on their way home, catch up with their residents and other friends, and tuck into some really fine barbecue. What’s not to like?


See you at the 4:05.