Heritage House is owned and operated by The McGeever family who have lived in Santa Barbara since 1951. The project evolved from our own experience caring for family members challenged with age-related frailty and cognitive decline.


We found that there was a niche to be filled in providing quality assisted care in an environment that was welcoming, bright with light and laughter, and constantly evolving to respond to the residents who lived there.


Thereafter followed a long path through entitlement, licensing and construction. Heritage House opened its doors in October of 2002. Bill and Julie McGeever manage day to day activities with an extraordinary staff we count as family. As envisioned, we continue to evolve and fine-tune our programming and physical surroundings. While dedicated care is the cornerstone of our operation, we hope that all our residents and their families also experience a sense of hospitality, empowerment, and belonging. We try very hard to make every day count, for all our peopleā€¦and their people.


Other staples you can count on at Heritage House are a fabulous meal program, with locally sourced ingredients, events structured around the whole extended family, and two very special mascots in our beloved dogs Ty, Fig and Bo (be sure to read more about them in our staff page.)


Heritage House is dedicated to the memories of Anita and Joe McGeever, without whose inspiration and unwavering support, this wonderful place would never have been realized. We also invite you to visit our bell tower memorial in our Grove garden, where all the names of residents past are memorialized. Each one of them has made their mark here, shared their life story, and helped to guide us in creating what we think is a very special community.