Bill and Julie McGeever

Together Bill McGeever and his wife Julie provide ongoing management services for Heritage House.

As McGeever Management, LLC, they maintain an office on site, and are involved in the daily operations

of the community. Bill can be reached at, or at 805.879.5902. Julie is available at, or 805.452.1951.


As a family run business, they take great pride in working directly with Rosemarie Harris, Administrator, and the rest of Heritage House's management team to provide assisted living services and a true sense of home to each resident and their respective families. Bill has parlayed his love of barbecue in a regular event (read more about it at Bill's Grill, under Dining). Julie's oatmeal cookie recipe has become a Heritage House hallmark.


Bill and Julie were responsible for the entitlement,

finance, licensing and development of Heritage House. Bill, a General Contractor by training, continues to work directly with management on issues related to resident and staff relations, programs, and physical plant upgrades. Julie, as a licensed RCFE Administrator, provides ongoing support through advertising, marketing, fiscal reporting and community outreach. Julie continues to work in the real estate field as a consultant, specializing in multi-family, mixed use and senior housing entitlement, financing and development.