Alejandra Nunez was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. When she turned 16, she decided to visit her family in the United States, located in Santa Barbara, California. Alejandra attended a local high school and after she graduated, she wanted to return home to Mexico. But she knew there were more opportunities in the U.S. Alejandra attended the local community business college and took some business administration courses in order to advance in the business realm. While she was finishing her education, she got her first job at a stationary store where she was able to learn basic customer service and social skills. This job allowed to see that she worked well with people, so she decided to pursue her career in sales and business.  After she finished her education, she was offered the opportunity to join a well know corporation, Cox Communications in the service and sales department. This is where she developed her leadership and sales skills and was quickly promoted to the leadership team and oversaw the retail stores. During this time of her life, she decided to start her own family and was blessed with four beautiful children, two boys and two girls which now they are young adults.


Now Alejandra is excited to start a new chapter at Heritage House as the Executive Director. She was first hired as the Business Coordinator and was soon promoted as the Administrator. Within the first couple of months working at Heritage House, she quickly realized that this job has become like her second home. As she spends her time getting to know each one of them, it feels like spending time with her family.


Besides work Alejandra enjoys the outdoors, staying active, spending quality times with her kids and her dog Apollo.  She also enjoys traveling, going to the movies and good food.


Alejandra can be reached at 805.967.2661 ext. 104 or directly at 805.879.5904.





Alejandra Nunez

Executive Director