Bill McGeever’s family hails from Birmingham, Alabama and has a long-standing affinity for good barbecue. Starting young, Bill experimented with versions of his father’s sauce on pork and chicken, branching out to rib-eye steaks and fish on occasion. He continued to refine his skills and now routinely tries regional recipes from Kansas City, South Carolina, Texas, Jamaica, and points beyond. The only constant is that the meat and vegetables are always fresh as he can get them, and that only charcoal and smoking chips are used.


In Heritage House’s early days, Bill set up a Weber kettle on the dining patio, and hosted informal cook-outs for family and friends. So many residents made special requests for barbecue as part of their regular meal program that Bill now hosts a special barbecue every month at a minimum for residents, their families and friends, (and whomever might just stop by). Nicole rounds out his menu with a selection of locally sourced vegetables, sides and usually a handmade dessert (fresh fruit cobblers like Bill’s mom made are a big favorite). Bill’s Grill schedule and menu is included in our monthly newsletter and follows our regularly scheduled 4:05 club. The menu is always different and samples some of the best chicken, meat, pork and fish Santa Barbara has to offer.


Be sure to also check our recipe section for some of Bill’s more popular barbecues, although don’t expect to find his “secret” sauce. Some family secrets are meant to stay that way!

Bill's Grill and Rotisserie