Bo Harris


Rosemarie began her search for a dog in September 2010. On November 30th, a listing on posted 5 Cocker Spaniels ready for adoption.  They were advertised by a family breeder in South Los Angeles.  That evening she and her friend arrived at the address, which led to a narrow alley right off of the freeway. There were no lights with the exception of some Christmas decorations of the home directly across the street.  As soon as Rosemarie knocked on the door, a lady came outside on the front porch to announce that there was only one pup that was still available.  She went back inside and brought out a ball of fur that was as stinky as he was adorable.  Rosemarie’s friend Sangeeta is from India, and when she commented on how bad the pup smelled, Sangeeta said the word Bo.  When Rosemarie asked why she said that word, Sangeeta replied that in her native language, that word is translated as smelly. Bo……the name just seemed right.


It wasn’t the fact that he was a beautiful pup that caused Rosemarie to decide to take him home, it was the unfortunate situation that he appeared to be in that pulled on her hearts strings to rescue him!


Bo fits perfectly in any lap and already has a adoring fan-base.  You will usually find Bo in the Garden Neighborhood. Stop on by to get some puppy love and watch him grow.


Bo is quickly approaching his 6th birthday and continues to looks forward to his arrival at Heritage House on my scheduled days.   Most mornings, we’re greeted by Jett as he follows us to the Garden patio.  Bo has become a name frequently heard around the house.  When I’m on my way out the door at the end of the day, the residents gathered in that general area will say “Good night Bo” in response to me wishing them a nice evening!  I guess his name is just easier to remember than mine.


Up until about a year ago, Bo spent the majority of his day in the Garden neighborhood.  Over time he would make his escape when an opportunity presented itself and now, he can be found anywhere around the building.


He greets visitors to the Garden then quickly retrieves one of his toys in hopes that maybe he’ll engage a playmate. On a lazy day, you’ll find him occupying a space on the couch with his head rested on the arm either sleeping or head is up and acting like a guard dog. He may not fit comfortably in your lap these days but you may find him stretched out across 2 of the residents on the love seat petting him. He will often take his position next to someone in a chair so that he can get the expected attention, wait at the dining room door for anyone to let him out to explore the patio or be lucky enough to find a few nibbles that fell to the floor in the dining room after meals.  Heritage House has become Bo’s home away from home.


A life, well lived…. Bo Harris 10.1.10 to 12.31.21 and is greatly missed every day.