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Alzheimer's Disease, dementia and other types of cognitive impairment rob a person of their short-term memory.
It also affects their ability to reason and make decisions in a traditional way.


The Garden Neighborhood was specifically created as a safe and inviting environment that emphasizes the best parts of a person's remembered past and personal strengths. Links with family, life achievements, past careers, and hobbies are encouraged and included as part of the daily activities schedule.


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Fourteen Studio Apartments all open onto a “Great Room”, including living, dining, kitchen and activities areas, as well as a home style kitchen. A raised clerestory roof allows natural light to stream into the common areas

throughout the day, helping residents to establish a diurnal sense of day and night. A grand piano is staged in one portion of the main living room and is often the setting for musical recitals.


Meals are served throughout the day and are geared to those requiring small and frequent portions. We pride ourselves on a varied menu that really is as good as home-made (because it is). Snack times offer finger foods that

residents can manage easily. Since hydration is such an important part of maintaining one's health, fresh juices, smoothies, and water are offered regularly by staff.


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Outside there is a way-finding garden and exercise path with numerous stations for rest and reflection. The Garden Neighborhood also boasts a state of the art Emergency Call System so that all emergencies are addressed



Part of our staff's training is to see the world through the eyes of someone with similar disabilities. Because no two people are alike, each resident’s care program is unique to their history, their health care needs, and their lifestyle preferences. Flexibility is a big part of our care-giving philosophy. Providing residents and their families with piece of mind is another. Our goal is to remove the barriers we can, so that residents can focus on moments in their day that are fruitful and enjoyable.