TY McGeever



Hi! My name is Ty, short for Tyrone. My parents flew out to South Carolina to pick me up at eight weeks in October of 2019. I hear tell my uncle Jett was some sort of special. Bill and Julie chased down Jett’s breed lines when he passed, and found a match at Dry Pond Kennels. Who would have thought I would be trading a southern life for a western world of beaches (yes!), and hikes through sage-brush and mustard?  I am a good listener and followed my parents encouragement to grow as big as I could, while still keeping velvet ears and a temperament worthy of a southern gentleman.


I turned one year old in August of 2020. I know I am a big dog, but believe me, I am still a pup between the ears. My first instinct is to show affection, but I follow directions well to sit and stay. I count Fig as one of my pack. Often you will find us tussling in either Philippe’s or Bill’s office (she is so much fun!). Dad is going to take me bird hunting this fall in Montana. I cannot wait! I love a challenge, and am learning all sorts of unique commands and whistle-prompted directions in preparation. If you see me at Heritage House, I can promise you a big panting smile.